Watch Video: Virat Kohli apologized to Rohit Sharma.. Do you know the reason?

Rohit Sharma: Former skipper Virat Kohli made a mistake in Team India’s first innings on Day 2 in the first session of Rohit Sharma’s run out. Otherwise India would have suffered a huge loss.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma scored a stunning century in the first Test match against the hosts Australia at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium. However, Rohit avoided a run out in Team India’s first innings in the first session of the match on Day 2 with a mistake by former captain Virat Kohli. If this had happened, Virat would have been severely criticized. After that Rohit bounced back and scored 120 runs off 212 balls. Australian captain Pat Cummins added the pavilion in this order.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli reached the pavilion after scoring just 12 runs. However, a video of Rohit Sharma narrowly avoiding getting out due to a mistake by Virat Kohli is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

The Indian team lost three wickets during the lunch break on the second day of the first Test. Before lunch, Rohit Sharma’s narrow escape from a run-out due to a mistake by Virat Kohli went viral. As soon as Virat Kohli realized the mistake, he gestured to apologize to captain Rohit Sharma. Captain Rohit bowed his head and immediately gave a thumbs-up to show that he was sorry.

The incident took place when Nathan Lyon was bowling in the 48th over of India’s innings. In the fifth ball of this over, the coordination between Virat and Rohit was disrupted. Kohli on strike plays the ball towards mid-wicket. Kohli thinks he can get a single. He took two or three steps forward, saw the danger and turned back. However, Rohit came into the middle of the crease to take a run from the non-striker’s end. Seeing Kohli retreat, Rohit went back. He narrowly escaped a run out due to Kohli’s mistake.

Features of Rohit Sharma’s century..

Captain Rohit completed his century off 171 balls with 14 fours and 2 sixes. Captain Rohit achieved a special feat immediately after scoring a century in the second day’s play. Rohit Sharma became the first Indian captain to score a century in all three formats as a captain. So far no Indian captain has been able to achieve this feat. He also became the fourth captain in the world to score a century in all three formats.

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