‘The country is after Dhoni.. I played for him’: Suresh Raina who made sensational comments.. Netizens are on fire..

Ms Dhoni vs Suresh Raina: Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired on August 15, 2020. Suresh Raina also announced his retirement on the same day.

Any player who starts playing cricket dreams of playing for his country one day. Their goal is to win the country. In such a situation, if a world champion player says that he played for his captain first and then for the country, it is surprising. This statement made by former Indian batsman Suresh Raina regarding Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become a hot topic. Then the question arose whether Dhoni is more important than the country.

Everyone knows how close Suresh Raina is to former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Be it Team India or Chennai Super Kings, their friendship is always in the news. Raina always calls Dhoni as elder brother. He has said many times that Dhoni is my closest friend. But now many people do not like his statement.

Raina’s key statement..

Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement on 15 August 2020. A few minutes after that, Suresh Raina also retired. Speaking to Sports Talk, Raina explained the reason for this. ‘Dhoni and I have played many matches together. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to play matches with Dhoni for India and Chennai Super Kings. Both of us got a lot of love from our fans. I am from Ghaziabad and he is from Ranchi. I played for Dhoni first. Later I played for my country. This is a special relationship. We played a lot of finals. We also won the World Cup. He is a wonderful captain and human being.’

Raina goodbye to IPL..

Raina played for Chennai Super Kings in IPL for a long time. However, no team bought this player in the mega auction held in 2021. Even Chennai Super Kings did not bid for him. After that, Raina got busy with commentary. Recently, he announced his retirement from IPL. After that he is now making noise in other T20 leagues of the world.

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