Asia Cup 2023: ‘Team India will go to hell if Pakistan doesn’t come’: Ex-player’s scathing comments on BCCI..

IND vs PAK: The Asia Cup 2023 hosting has been buzzing for the past three months. Pakistan strongly wants to host this tournament. But BCCI is not ready to go to Pakistan.

Javed Miandad Comments on Indian Team: Cricket ties between India and Pakistan over the hosting of the Asia Cup 2023 seem to be further strained. In the recent Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting held in Bahrain, heated discussions were also held on this issue. Pakistan strongly wants to host the 2023 Asia Cup. But, BCCI says that it is not possible to send the Indian team to Pakistan in the current situation. Pakistan’s famous cricketer Javed Miandad’s statement on this attitude of BCCI has caused a stir.

At an event, Miandad was asked questions about the Indian team not coming to Pakistan. Miandad said, ‘They (Indian team) will go to hell if they don’t come. We don’t care. I have said the same before. We are getting our cricket. This is the work of the ICC. If the ICC cannot control this matter, then there is no use of such a governing body’, he responded sharply.

Miyadand said, ‘ICC should have the same rules for all countries. If a strong team does not enter a tournament, it should be stopped. Indian team will be for India. It is not for us or the world’, he said.

‘If you lose here, you lose your dignity’

Miandad also gave another reason for the Indian team not coming to Pakistan. Why should the Indian team not play in Pakistan? If they lose here, they will be in trouble. The people of India will not rest. This is always happening. Whenever Team India loses, it becomes a problem in that country. For the same reason the Indian team did not come here even in our time. Whenever India loses, the people of India set their houses on fire. He said that when we were playing, there were many problems with the Indian players.

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