WPL 2023: Women’s Premier League’s finals are the same.. Different from IPL.. What are the rules?

Women IPL 2023: Preparations have begun for the first season of the Women’s Premier League. The rules of this tournament are slightly different from the rules of the Indian Premier League.

WPL 2023 Final Equation: Women’s Premier League is eagerly awaited by fans. BCCI has already announced the important things about this tournament. After finalizing the franchises, now the stage is set for the auction for the players. The first edition of Women’s IPL will be held in 2023. Recently, another new thing has come to light regarding this first season. In this, the teams announced how they will reach the finals. Reaching the final in the Women’s IPL is completely different from the Men’s IPL. In this, instead of four, only the top-3 teams will compete in the final.

Equations to reach the final..

According to a Cricbuzz report, the top-3 teams in the Women’s IPL will qualify for the playoffs. The number one team will benefit the most. The number one team will directly qualify for the final. For this the team does not need to play any qualifier matches. However, the second and third placed teams will have to play an eliminator match to reach the final. The winning team will play the final match against the number one ranked team.

Otherwise in men’s IPL..

On the other hand, the path to the finals in the men’s IPL was completely different. Top 4 teams will play play off matches. In this, the number one and two position teams will have a chance to reach the final twice. At the same time, the third and fourth placed teams will have to play two matches to qualify for the final.

The first qualifier match will be held between the number one and two teams. The winning team will reach the finals. At the same time, the losing team will have another chance. The eliminator match is played between the three and four numbered teams. In this, the losing team will exit the tournament. The winning team will play a qualifier match between number one and two against the losing team. The winning team becomes the second finalist.

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