Entry as a batter.. Incarnate as a keeper with girlfriend’s wish.. If cut.. 1495 people added to the pavilion is a world record..

Herbert Strudwick: England’s Herbert Strudwick started wicket-keeping at the request of a girl. After that he created panic on a global level.

By turning 1495 batters into victims, a player has written a unique page for himself in cricket. This number has been recorded as a world record for many years. Now this record can be broken. But prior to this figure, only two wicket keepers in the history of first class cricket managed to reach this figure. That means, even today, this number is the third highest dismissal by a wicketkeeper in the history of first class cricket. England wicket keeper Herbert Sturdwick wrote his name in the history pages based on these numbers. Today is his 143rd birth anniversary.

Born on 28 January 1880 in Surrey, wicketkeeper Herbert played 28 Test matches for England between 1910 and 1926. He made 61 catches and 12 stumpings behind the wickets. But he has bowled 1495 batsmen in first-class cricket.

World record..

Herbert became the third wicket-keeper in the list of most dismissals in the history of first-class cricket. It remained the world record for a long time. But, John Thomas Murray broke his world record of 1527 between 1952 and 1975. After that, Robert William Taylor broke Thomas’s record by adding 1649 people to the pavilion between 1960 and 1988. Taylor’s record still stands.

She is the key in career..

Herbert Strudwick Birthday

Herbert took 1237 catches and made 258 stumpouts in 1495. He created a world record in 1903 with 71 catches and 20 stumpings. But 8 years later Fred of Kent broke his record. Herbert terrorized world cricket with his wicket-keeping. But it is noteworthy that he started wicket-keeping at the request of a girl much older than him.

When Herbert was 10 years old, he used to run from cover to wicket. After that he became an expert. A girl much older than him recognized his potential and advised him to take up wicket-keeping. Herbert couldn’t escape her words. He found that advice correct. He started wicket keeping from the same day.

Pavilion sent 91 people in one season..

An English wicket-keeper bowled 91 batsmen in a single season in 1903. After that he continued to play first class cricket till 1927. Herbert passed away in 1970 at the age of 90.

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