Sania Mirza: Tweet without Sania’s name.. Finally broke the silence.. Shoaib Malik did not give clarity..

Shoaib Malik-Sania Mirza: Sania Mirza played the Australian Open final on Friday. It was the last Grand Slam match of his career. Missing the title has touched the hearts of many fans.

The pair of two Indian stars lost in the mixed doubles final at the Australian Open. Especially with this defeat the career of superstar Sania Mirza also ended. Sania Mirza, the icon of women’s tennis in India, lost the title in her last Grand Slam. This caused a mountain of tears.

Everyone from Australia to India thanked Sania for her contribution. Not only did Sania lose, but she also expressed her sadness that she will not be able to see her play in the Grand Slam again. This will be her last Grand Slam. Everyone expressed their love and gratitude to Sania on social media. At the same time, all eyes were also on why Sania’s husband Shoaib Malik was silent on the end of this amazing career.

Shoaib broke the silence..

Sania’s journey is almost over. Shoaib Malik wished Sania in a tweet amid rumours. It was surprising that only a photo was posted without mentioning Sania’s name anywhere.

“You are an inspiration to all women in sports. I am very proud of what you have achieved in your career. You keep going so strong. Congratulations on a wonderful career’ he tweeted.

Rumors of separation for a long time..

Over the past few months, Sania and Shoaib have been in the news for a possible breakup as their relationship soured. There have been constant reports that the two players are not living together for a long time. There have been accusations in the Pakistani media that Shoaib Malik was caught cheating on Sania because of his relationship with a model, thus the Indian tennis star will stay away. Sania has also shared several posts on her Instagram account. This gave strength to the breakup rumours. However, since these two have not denied the news, the news of separation has gained more strength.

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