He wanted to quit cricket.. That one word said by his mother.. If he gets cut.. He is heroic with 15 fours and 11 sixes.


If a son achieves something great, any mother will surely be overjoyed. This mother raised that son and made him an adult. She encouraged him to follow his own path. If cut, the tribe is now happy with the work done by that son. Atharva Ankolekar is not who he is. Mumbai captain Atharva Ankolekar hit a double century in the CK Naidu Trophy. In the match against Hyderabad, Atharva exploded with a whirlwind innings of 211 runs with 15 fours and 11 sixes.

On the other hand, Atharva created havoc with the ball in the Under-19 Asia Cup final against Bangladesh in 2019. He took 5 wickets in that match and made India the champion for the 7th time. While Atharva was playing with the ball, his mother was busy with her work and not on the ground. He celebrated his son’s greatness through his colleagues. Atharva’s father died in 2010. As a result, wife Vaidehi got the job of husband’s conductor. At one time, due to his financial situation, Atharva wanted to quit cricket. However, with the encouragement of his mother, he traveled 15 km by bus every day to go to cricket practice. Today he is achieving great achievements in this order.

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