Cricket News: Bad news for cricket fans.. Olympics committee gave a big shock..

Los Angeles Olympics 2028: The 2032 Olympics will be held after the Los Angeles Olympics. Brisbane, Australia will host the 2032 Olympics.

The Olympic Games will be held in Los Angeles in 2028. It was thought that cricket could be included in Los Angeles. However, there is a bad news for cricket fans. Cricket will not feature in the Olympics held in Los Angeles. To this extent, the International Olympic Committee has informed the International Cricket Council. The Olympics are to be held in 2032 after the Los Angeles Olympics. Brisbane, Australia will host the 2032 Olympics. Now it seems that cricket fans can expect cricket in Brisbane Olympics.

History of Cricket in Olympics..

So far cricket has been played only once in Olympic history. Cricket was added to the Olympics in 1900. But since then cricket has failed to be a part of the Olympics. 1900 Olympics were held in Paris. Only 2 teams participated in the cricket tournament Great Britain and host France in that Olympics.

Cricket is a part of Commonwealth Games.

The meeting was held in the month of February last year. In that meeting, 28 sports were selected. These will be part of the 2028 Olympics. But after that 8 sports were shortlisted. It is thought that other sports may be included in the coming time, but the name of cricket is also coming to the fore. Significantly, last year, cricket was included in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games after almost 24 years. Before that he played cricket in 1998 Commonwealth Games. Eight teams, including India, have qualified for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games cricket competition.


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