Watch Video: Fida is a fan of Kavyapapa’s beauty.

Kaviya Maran: A total of 6 IPL franchises have bought teams in the SA20 league. One of them is Sunrisers. The team’s CEO Kavya Maran flew to South Africa on January 19 to watch the match.

Kavya Maran, CEO of IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad needs no special introduction. Kavya Maran becomes a trending topic on social media when IPL is here. Now the IPL auction is over. You may be wondering why there is so much buzz on social media.. we are coming to that. It is known that mini IPL is being held not only in our country but also in South Africa. As the IPL franchises have also bought some teams there, they are running the SA20 league there with the same names. IPL franchise owner Kavya Maran has also bought a team in this new T20 league which started in South Africa. A total of 6 IPL franchises have bought teams in this league. One of them is Sunrisers. Sunrisers Eastern Cap match in the SA20 League was against Paarl Royals on January 19 evening. It is remarkable that it actually happened there.

Proposal for Kavya Maran..

Kavya Maran also reached the stadium to watch Sunrisers Eastern Cap match against Paarl Royals. Paarl Royals batted first in this match. The 8th over of this innings was completed. But suddenly the camera saw a love proposal. It caught everyone’s attention.

When I saw it, my heart sank – should I get married..


A fan from South Africa gave a love proposal to Kavya Maran. This fan who was impressed by the beauty of the owner of the Sunrisers team, sent proposals to get married together. The video of Kavya Maran’s boyfriend from South Africa is going viral on social media.

Kavya Maran has won the hearts of South African fans with her beauty. Her team is also sweeping the league with back-to-back wins. Sunrisers Eastern Cap won the match against Paarl Royals by 5 wickets with 10 balls to spare. Batting first in this match, Paarl Royals scored 127 runs for 7 wickets in 20 overs. After that, Sunrisers Easton Cap achieved the target by losing 5 wickets in 18.2 overs.


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