Indecent messages and letters to girls.. Like Babar, these are the star cricketers.. Team India cricketer is also in the list.

This is not the first time that Babur has been embroiled in such controversies. It is known that a woman has made sensational allegations that he cheated in the name of marriage less than two years ago. Now sex chat and sexual messages are once again around Babar’s neck.

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam’s obscene messages and nude video calls case is now a hot topic of discussion. His captaincy came to a screeching halt with consecutive defeats. In this situation, photos and videos of Babar having sex with his fellow cricketer’s girlfriend and sending sexual messages are creating a stir on social media. In this video, Babar assures a girl that ‘if you are having sex chat with me like this, your boyfriend will not leave the team’. Allegations are spreading that Babar Azam has fallen into a honey trap. On the other hand, Babar’s fans are denying this news. Some people are making comments that they are conspiring against Babar to get rid of the responsibilities of captaincy. But this is not the first time that Babar has been embroiled in controversies. It is known that a woman has made sensational allegations that he cheated in the name of marriage less than two years ago. Now sex chat and sexual messages are once again around Babar’s neck. Meanwhile, some star cricketers have been accused of misbehaving with women in the past. As a result, he lost his place in the team. Who are they?

Tim Paine

Australia’s star batter wicket keeper Tim Paine got involved in a similar controversy and had to resign from the captaincy. It has been alleged that Tim sent photos of his private parts and offensive messages to a former Cricket Tasmania employee. In 2017, it was reported that these obscene messages were sent. However, a joint investigation by Cricket Australia and Cricket Tasmania concluded that Paine was not at fault. But after this incident came out, there were more demands to remove Tim from the Aussie captaincy. With this, he finally resigned from the captaincy. In his autobiography ‘Tim Paine: The Price Paid’, he attacked the Australian Cricket Board. He expressed anger that the cricket board completely ignored him after the sex-chatting controversy.

Mohammed Shami

In March 2018, his wife Hasin Jahan made sensational allegations against Team India’s star bowler Mohammad Shami. She alleged that he had extra-marital affairs with many women and tortured her badly. Shami also shared some photos of her chatting on social media. It is also said that Shami received a large amount of money illegally from a Pakistani woman. A police case has also been registered against Shami and four other family members at the Kolkata Police Station. But Shami strongly denied these allegations. Later BCCI also investigated Shami’s affair and gave him a clean chit.

Shane Warne..

Late Shane Warne was impressive as a player on the field but in reel life he was always controversial. In 2000 he was accused of sexually assaulting a British woman. Some obscene calls and voice messages have also come out in this regard. Then in 2006 nude pictures with British models in a room became a sensation. There were also reports of Warne having relationships with several porn stars. British actress Liz Hurley called off her engagement with Warne due to this reason.

Kevin Peterson

England’s legendary player Kevin Pietersen was also taken aback by such obscene messages. Kevin dated model Vanessa Nimmo. He didn’t even want to get married. But it is not known what happened but both of them got separated. After that Vanessa revealed the details of their relationship. Later, he was fired by the England Cricket Board for sending insulting messages about Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower to South African cricketers during a Test match.

Chris Gayle

Former West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has been in the news many times not only with the game but also with such controversies. During the 2012 T20 World Cup, three British women were arrested in his hotel room by Sri Lankan competitors. And in 2016, during the Bigg Boss League tournament, he spoke indecently to a female reporter. ‘I am here to see your eyes for the first time. Very good. After winning this match, we will meet again. Don’t blush baby’ he said. Gayle later apologized after the comments were controversial. He tried to cover up his mistake by saying that it was a simple joke.

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