FIFA WC 2022: Defeat in 36 consecutive matches is unknown.. The last 5 wins are one-sided.. Lionel Messi’s team will enter the ring from today..

ARG vs KSA: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia will face each other in today’s first match of FIFA World Cup. This match will be held at Lucille Stadium. The match will start at 3.30 PM.

FIFA WC 2022: Defeat in 36 consecutive matches is unknown.. The last 5 wins are one-sided.. Lionel Messi's team will enter the ring from today..

Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia

FIFA World Cup 2022, Argentina will start its campaign from today. Today will face Saudi Arabia. Argentina are unbeaten in their last 36 matches. Also, they have been winning unilaterally in the last five matches. In these five matches, Argentina’s forwards scored 16 goals, while the team’s defense failed to score a single goal.

Argentina is ranked 3rd in the FIFA rankings. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is ranked 51st. In such circumstances, it can be said that this match is also likely to go in favor of Argentina. So far, in the four matches played between the two teams, Argentina has won two matches and drawn two matches.

This time Argentina will enter the arena as a contender for the World Cup trophy. This is probably the last World Cup for Lionel Messi. Messi fans all over the world are praying for Argentina to win this time. Currently this team is also in excellent form. In such a situation, Argentina is expected to repeat the history of 1978 and 1986 once again.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia will at least try to repeat the 1994 performance. The team reached the round of 16 in the 1994 World Cup. However, Saudi Arabia’s performance at the moment is nothing special. This team has won only 2 of their last 10 matches.

All eyes are on them..

Whenever Lionel Messi enters the field, all eyes are immediately on him. He will definitely be the center of attraction in this match as well. Messi will be seen as a playmaker for Argentina. Along with him, star players like Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredez, Nicolas Automendi will also be in the ring. On the other hand, the Saudi Arabian team mostly depends on their center back player Abdullah Al Amri, left back Yasir Al Shahrani. One can expect anything from Firas Al-Buraikhan in a forward player.

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