Football World Cup in the whirlwind of controversies.. 8 teams that will enter the ring with them.. FIFA must be banned..

FIFA World Cup Controversy: Yellow cards are usually given as a warning. If a player receives 2 yellow cards in the same match, he may be sent off. When receiving a red card

Already mired in controversies, the LGBT+ controversy has now started in the FIFA World Cup. During the tournament, 8 teams, including England, decided to support same-sex relationships. England captain Hurricane said he will wear a rainbow band in his first match against Iran, which is a symbol of the LGBT+ community. FIFA said, ‘If teams or players do this, it will be considered a breach of the rules. Therefore, FIFA also stated that players can be banned.

Where did the LGBT+ controversy begin at the World Cup?

England captain Hurricane and his entire team will enter the match wearing ‘One Love’ bands in support of the LGBT+ community. England will play their first match today against Iran, an Islamic country where homosexuality is banned. FIFA World Cup is going on in Doha. Same-sex relationships are also prohibited there. The controversy started from here.

English Captain Hurricane’s statement on One Love Band?

Hurricane said, ‘As a team, as a staff, as an organization, we have made it clear that we want to wear the One Love Armband. Discussions with FIFA are underway and the decision will be announced before the match. We have made our wish clear,” he said.

What action can FIFA take on Hurricane?

If Hurricane wears a rainbow band in today’s match against Iran, the referee may show him a yellow card when he gets to the ground. If the Hurricanes do the same in the second match, they may be shown a yellow card again. As a result, he will not be able to play in the third match. FIFA may send its team to the dressing room before the match. Players may be asked to remove their bands. Apart from that, a fine or ban can also be imposed.

Which teams support LGBT+?

Apart from England, Gareth Bale of Wales, Manuel Neuer of Germany and Virgil van Dijk of Netherlands have also decided to wear rainbow bands. There are a total of 8 teams supporting same-sex relationships.

Changes with FIFA warnings?

FIFA wants to know what the England team will do about wearing the band. After that the team and the management take a decision together. Germany has said that we are ready for a fine. However, the team management is worried whether action can be taken on their player manual or not. Virgil Vaughan said, I wear a love band. If he shows me a yellow card for this, we will discuss it.’

How important a role does the yellow card play?

Yellow cards are usually given as a warning. If a player receives 2 yellow cards in the same match, he may be sent off. When receiving a red card, the player must leave the field immediately. This card can also lead to a ban on the player.

If a player receives 5 yellow cards in 19 weeks, he will be banned for one match.

10 yellow cards in 32 weeks will result in a two-match ban for the player. 15 yellow cards in 38 weeks will result in a 3 match ban.

After receiving 20 yellow cards in a season, the Regulatory Commission can punish the player as appropriate.

A yellow card is given when a player behaves inappropriately. It means that he is disobeying the referee by his behavior or words. Repeated violations of the rules, delaying the start of the game, failure to maintain the prescribed distance during corners, free kicks, entering and exiting the field without the permission of the match referee, etc. come under this card. A first yellow card is considered a warning. And the second yellow card turns red.

What are the other controversies surrounding this FIFA World Cup?

1. This World Cup has been mired in controversy since its inception. In the year 2010, 2 members of the FIFA Executive Committee offered to sell their votes when Qatar hosted. However, both were removed before the voting. A year later, two more committee members sold their votes for $1.5 million, the Sunday Times revealed. However, the members denied the allegations.

2. Bribery, illegal payments and favors have become a way of working at FIFA. Although the FBI did not specifically mention Qatar winning the World Cup, 11 of the 22 executive committee members who made the decision were suspended, fined or prosecuted. Two of them were found guilty. But not in the case of hosting Qatar.

3. Alcohol ban before start.. Hosts Qatar have banned the sale of alcohol ahead of the World Cup. Tournament sponsors include a beer manufacturing company. On this occasion slogans started during the match.

4. Allegations of fixing in the first match.. Qatar lost in the first match of the World Cup. A report said, ‘There are reports that Qatar deliberately bribed its rival Ecuador’s players to lose the match.

5. Allegations on the opening ceremony.. Morgan Freeman was invited to host the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup. He is accused of sexually assaulting women.

6. No interest for fans.. Many seats were empty during the opening ceremony. Fans from all over the world usually come to watch the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.

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