Huge changes in the T20 World Cup.. 20 teams in the competition.. Goodbye to the qualifier matches.. What about the new format?

T20 World Cup 2024: 20 teams will compete for the title in T20 World Cup 2024. Already 12 teams have been finalized. If you want to know what are the other teams..

England won the T20 World Cup 2022 title. In this short world cup where 16 teams competed, English team finally became the world champion with the best performance. But now next season there will be a competition between 16 to 20 teams to become the world champion in this format. In 2024, T20 World Cup will be held in USA and West Indies. The tournament will undergo a major change for the next season of the World Cup. Next season there will be competition between 20 teams. Not only this, the next season’s qualifiers will also not be played. For the first time, a huge cricket event will be held in America.

America and West Indies will qualify directly for the tournament as the host team. The 20-team tournament will be held in two stages before the knockouts. But this phase will be different from the first round or Super 12 format played in 2021, 2022. All teams are divided into 4 groups. There are 5 teams in each group. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the Super 8. Here 8 teams will be divided into 2 groups. The top-2 teams in both groups will enter the semi-finals.

the team Eligibility Method
West Indies host
America host
England T20 World Cup 2022 Champion
Pakistan T20 World Cup 2022 runner-up
New Zealand T20 World Cup 2022 Semi Finalists
India T20 World Cup 2022 Semi Finalists
Australia Top 8 ranked in 2022 T20 World Cup
The Netherlands Top 8 ranked in 2022 T20 World Cup
South Africa Top 8 ranked in 2022 T20 World Cup
Sri Lanka Top 8 ranked in 2022 T20 World Cup
Afghanistan The next best team in T20 rankings on November 14
Bangladesh The next best team in T20 rankings on November 14

How does a team qualify?

The opening 2 spots of the T20 World Cup 2024 have already been reserved for the hosts West Indies, USA. The next 10 teams will be decided based on the ICC T20 rankings for the 2022 World Cup, till November 14. That means 10 teams have already been finalized.

Also the next 8 teams will be decided based on regional qualification. Africa, Asia and Europe have two qualification spots each, while the Americas and East Asia Pacific have one each. The team that wins the regional qualification will be placed in the group of teams like India, Australia, England and Pakistan.

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