Watch Video: The fans made a noise saying we want beer.. The stadium was filled with slogans..

FIFA World Cup: Football World Cup organizers have given bad news to fans after discussions with FIFA hosts. The stadiums were filled with protest slogans.

The FIFA World Cup kicked off yesterday in Qatar. However, the fans protested in the opening match itself. Ecuador fans were heard chanting “queremos cerveza” – meaning “we want beer” – during the opening match against host nation Qatar. The slogans came against Qatar’s decision to ban the sale of alcohol in stadiums during the FIFA tournament.

In a video going viral on social media, Ecuadorian fans in the stands chanted “Queremos Cerveza, Queremos Cerveza!” It means “we need beer!” They are shouting loudly. In the opening match, Ecuador beat Qatar 2-0 at the Al Bait Stadium on Sunday.

Meanwhile, 2 days before the start of this tournament, the government of Qatar took a U-turn on the sale of beer. This has banned the sale of alcohol in the general seating sections of the stadium.

On Friday, two days before the start of the tournament, Qatar’s royal family decided to ban alcohol in stadiums. Football governing body FIFA has announced that beer will not be sold to fans in eight stadiums after intense negotiations with host nations.

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According to reports, fans will be able to purchase alcohol in the fan zones, limited to four beers each. Alcohol is also available in the hospitality boxes in the stadium. However, it said that alcohol will not be sold in the general seating of the stadium.

After the announcement of the decision, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Saturday that fans could enjoy the match for three hours without beer as alcohol sales were banned around the stadiums. It is claimed that this is also applicable in France, Spain and Scotland.

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