FIFA World Cup 2022: A month-long festival for football lovers.. Since when is the mega football tournament..

Soccer festival is here for football fans. The FIFA Football World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar in a few hours. The Football World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

Soccer festival is here for football fans. The FIFA Football World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar in a few hours. The Football World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. This mega tournament will entertain football lovers for four weeks. If only 16 teams will participate in the Cricket World Cup, then in the Football World Cup, 32 teams will compete. Qatar will host the World Cup for the first time in the history of football. The host Qatar team will face Ecuador in the first match on November 20. This is the first time for Qatar to play in the Football World Cup. Qatar qualified for the World Cup as the host country. Qatar has built a total of 7 state-of-the-art stadiums for this World Cup. It is noteworthy that Italy, who became the Euro Cup champion last year, could not qualify for this World Cup.

Tournament format..

A total of 32 teams have been divided into 8 groups with four teams per group. So far 29 teams have qualified and the remaining three teams will be decided through the play offs matches. First the league stage takes place. This means that each team in each group will play one match against the other three teams in the group. After the end of this league stage, the top 2 teams in each group will qualify for the prequarters. That means 16 teams will reach the knockout stage. From here on, not every team will have a second chance. The tournament will proceed as if the winning team goes forward and the losing team goes home. 8 matches will be played between 16 teams in the prequarters. The 8 teams who win these matches will qualify for the quarter finals. There will be four matches in the quarter finals. The four winning teams will go to the semis. The winning teams will go to the finals. The third place match will be played between the two teams who lost in the finals. The final will be held on December 18.

Who is in which group?

Group-A: Qatar, Ecuador, Netherlands, Senegal

Group-B: England, Iran, USA, Scotland/Wales/Ukraine

Group-C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Group-D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, UAE/Australia/Peru

Group-E: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica/New Zealand

Group-F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Group-G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

Group-H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, Korea

Match Timings.. What is Live Broadcast?

The opening match on November 20 will start at 9:30 PM IST. From the next day, three to four matches will be played per day. According to Indian time, one match will be played at 3:30 PM, second match at 6:30 PM, third match at 9:30 PM and fourth match at 12:30 PM. These matches will be telecast live on Sports 18 channel in India. At the same time, Woot app will be broadcast live on digital.

Commencement ceremonies

The opening ceremony of this mega tournament will be held on Sunday at the Al Bayat Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. Immediately after the celebrations, the host team will face Ecuador in the first match. The FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony will begin at 5 pm Qatar time. It starts at 7:30 PM in India. There will be live streaming and live telecast in India as well. India.. FIFA World Cup 2022 live streaming of the opening ceremony, i.e. Sports18 has got the broadcasting rights of FIFA World Cup 2022. Reliance is their owner. All matches and opening ceremonies will be telecast on Sports18, Sports18 HDTV. Live streaming services are available on Jio Cinema app, website and Jio TV.

This cup is very costly..

Everyone is surprised to see the expenditure of Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. It has spent 200 billion dollars, which is Rs. 16 lakh 60 thousand crores in Indian currency. Qatar will become the youngest country after Switzerland to host the 1954 FIFA World Cup. This country has only 2.8 million inhabitants. Qatar is about the size of Yorkshire. Aside from the country’s size, it is reputed to be the richest in the world in terms of per capita income. Usually the FIFA World Cup is always held during the summer season in May, June and July. This time the competition for the FIFA World Cup auctions continued fiercely. Qatar won the hosting rights after defeating countries like Japan, USA and South Korea in several rounds. Spending at a record level.. is surprising the countries of the world. So far this country has spent around 200 billion dollars to host this FIFA World Cup. They have built a new city, Lusail, to host the World Cup finals. For construction, infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, airports, many new stadiums… this country is spending 500 million dollars every week. The World Cup will start on 20 November 2022 and end on 18 December 2022, a week before Christmas due to the country’s hot and humid summer conditions. The average temperature during that time is 24°C. This is the first time that the World Cup will be held from the end of November to the middle of December.

In history..

The Football World Cup was first held in 1930. Since then, 21 World Cups have been held. So far 8 teams have won the title. The Brazilian team has been the champion for the most five times. After that, Italy and Germany won this title 4 times each. Host nations alone have won the trophy 6 times.

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