T20 World Cup: England team owns a rare record.. First time in cricket history

England team has got a rare record. While being the champion of the ODI World Cup, it won the T20 World Cup. This is the first time in the history of cricket that this has happened back to back. England became the world champion for the third time after making up for the defeat of 30 years ago.

This is the final fight of ODI World Cup in 1992. After winning against the Kiwis in the semis, Pakistan faced England in the final. Pakistan won the title by defeating the English team. Again in the same manner.. both teams faced each other in the T20 World Cup final in the same Melbourne. Pakistan players and fans dreamed that the cup was ours. But the scene was reversed. Where it has gone… England has stuck there. Otherwise it took 30 years for the cup to materialize. England is said to be the birthplace of cricket. Such a team is doomed to win the World Cup. ODI World Cup in 2019. T20 World Cup in 2022 won everyone’s hearts. The England cricket team is a proof that the journey of victory starts from defeat.. Failure teaches great lessons. A poor performance in one World Cup.. changed the perspective of the team. It has brought a change in the way of playing.. in thinking. The team learned to be aggressive and started attacking the opponents. With a fearless game.. doing wonders with a strong team. That’s why it won two World Cups in a span of three years.

The England team, who became the T20 World Cup-2022 champions, achieved a rare feat. England became the first team to win the T20 World Cup while being world champions in ODIs. England has already won the ODI World Cup in 2019. England won their first World Cup title by defeating New Zealand in the final. Until the end of the ODI World Cup in 2023.. Until the T20 World Cup of 2024 is completed, England will be the champion in the limited overs format.

Overall, England has a total of three ICC World Cup titles. Also, England became the second team to win two T20 World Cup champions. Earlier, West Indies won the World Cup in 2012 and 2016. England, which has been waiting for many years to become the winner of the World Cup. The fact that it has become the winner of the title in a row is overwhelming the fans of that country with joy.

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