Sourav Ganguly: The difference between Sachin and Sehwag is the same.. Former skipper Sourav Ganguly’s interesting comments..

Sourav Ganguly Sachin

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly is known as one of the best captains. Played with many legends. He has given many great achievements to Team India at home and abroad. He was able to get the best performance from the youngsters in the team. Ganguly is known to have groomed some of the future superstars of Indian cricket during his captaincy. He also treated the seniors well. Ganguly recently spoke about his experience opening with India’s best openers like Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag.

Ganguly, who participated in a commercial event, shared many things. Sachin, in particular, is very special and explains the reasons. Sourav, who called Tendulkar as intelligent, said that Sehwag is using mental as a batter. Among the two, he chose former Indian captain Tendulkar and revealed many incidents. Enjoyed opening with Sachin for a long time. He said that batting with Master Blaster helped him improve his game.

Even if the rib is broken.. he did not stop running..

The former Indian captain recalled an interesting incident that happened while opening with Tendulkar. Sachin explained why he became a special cricketer. While batting, Tendulkar was hit once in the ribs and fractured in two places. But Ganguly revealed that he was not too worried about it and continued to run despite the excruciating pain.

“Sachin is special. I saw him very closely. I saw him get hit in the ribs. He did not show any pain. He ran. The next morning, two of his ribs were fractured. I heard a sound. I went and asked him if he was alright. To which Sachin replied that he is fine. A scan the next morning revealed two fractures. That’s why he is special,” Ganguly recalled.

One of the greatest batsmen of all time, Tendulkar still holds the record for most runs and most centuries in international cricket. Ganguly said that playing with Tendulkar helped me improve my game.

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