Watch Video: Only one question.. Babar Bittiri’s look can’t answer.. Netizens’ comments look like a man..

PAK vs ENG Final: Pakistan captain Babar Azam, who participated in the press conference before the final match, was embarrassed to answer a question asked by a reporter. Due to this, Palita got trolled by netizens.

Watch Video: Only one question.. Babar Bittiri's look can't answer.. Netizens' comments look like a man..

Pak Vs Eng Final Babar Azam

T20 World Cup 2022 (T20 World Cup 2022), the final match will be held tomorrow between Pakistan-England (PAK vs ENG). A day before this great match, the captains of both the teams held a press conference. However, what do you think is special about it.. Coming to it.. Here an interesting scene took place in the press conference of Pakistan captain Babar Azam.

While Babar Azam was answering reporters in the press conference, a reporter asked a question related to IPL. There was a discussion about playing in the IPL. Do you think it will help you and your team? Do you want to play in IPL in future? He asked a barrage of questions. However, Mazane offered more than that to those who expected an interesting answer. Babar Azam could not answer this question and started looking at his media manager. He understood Babur’s pain and entered the field. The media manager said that for now we will only talk about questions related to the World Cup final.

Watch Babar video here..

Pakistani players in IPL 2008

Pakistani players participated in the first season of IPL. IPL 2008 saw many Pakistani players from Shoaib Akhtar to Shahid Afridi on Indian grounds. But later, after the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai in the same year, relations between India and Pakistan soured. Since then, there has been no bilateral series between India vs Pakistan. Also Pakistani players are not playing in IPL.

What did Babar say about the pressure of the final match?

Responding to this question, Babar said, ‘We have played very well in our last three matches. We are very excited. There is no doubt that the pressure is there. We can overcome stress only by believing in ourselves. He said that it is important to overcome pressure for good results.


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