Indian Cricket: So far the Indian captain has been criticized by the formers of the country.. Now even from the cousin country..

Former cricketers continue to criticize India’s defeat in the semi-finals. But now with them from Pakistan.. that former bowler

Indian Cricket: So far the Indian captain has been criticized by the formers of the country.. Now even from the cousin country..

Shoaib Akhtar, Rohit Sharma

The Indian team played very poorly in the T20 World Cup semifinals and exited the tournament. We lost that too by ten wickets. With this, the series of criticism from former Indian cricketers continues on the way the team lost in the semifinals. But now the same kind of response is being heard from the former fast bowler of our cousin country Pakistan. But that bowler is one step ahead.. Is Rohit Sharma ready to lead the team? He commented that his condition was confusing.

There is no cricket fan who doesn’t know former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. He responded to India’s return home from the World Cup in a recent event. Akhtar said.. “Is the real Rohit Sarsha ready to lead the team? I can’t find the answer to that question. We all know he wants to continue as captain. But it is not as easy as it seems. We should think about the team.. we should live. There is no time to spend with family. That’s why Rohit should spend his time with the team members. So he can strengthen the team. “Looking at him, he seems a bit unstable,” he said. Also.. “When you become the captain of the team, additional responsibilities also come. When the team plays well, all kinds of forgiveness goes to the captain.. and when they lose, everyone points fingers at the captain. I can’t see Rohit fading away as India’s captain anymore. He is close to announcing his retirement. When Virat Kohli was also removed from the captaincy he took some time to play better. Fortunately, Kohli shined in the match against the Pakistan team. And discussing the captaincy with Rohit is too much..!” he said.

Our team played its first two matches brilliantly in the group stage of the World Cup tournament. In the third match against South Africa, Vesina went on to win the remaining two games. Apart from that, the group stood at the top. After that, in the second semifinal match against the England team in Adelaide on Thursday, they failed miserably and got out of the IIC tournament. The way our players played in that match was a topic of discussion. On Thursday, the former captains of the Indian team, Kapil Dev and Rahul Dravid opened their mouths. On Friday, dashing opener Virender Sehwag opened fire on Rohit Sharma.

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