Indian Cricket: Ex-formers who are worried about India’s exit from the T20 World Cup.. The dashing opener is also on fire.

All the cricket fans around the world wanted India to win the semi-final against England. But God knows about the final.. The worst thing is our players

Indian Cricket: Ex-formers who are worried about India's exit from the T20 World Cup.. The dashing opener is also on fire.

Virendra Sehwag On T20 World

India will win the T20 World Cup semi-final.. They will face their cousin Pakistan, who confirmed their final berth before that.. India will win against Pakistan in the fierce battle for the World Cup.. This is the real Sisalu cricket match. All the fans wanted. They all have high hopes for this match, so it is not an exaggeration! But what happened is completely contrary to this. God knows about India’s victory in the final.. They failed miserably as if they had won the semi-final before. What no one understands is that in all the matches held till then, the former captain of the Indian team Virat Kohli, ‘Mr 360’ Surya Kumar Yadav, who has shown a wonderful form, also raised his hand in the semi-final against England. Cricket fans are expressing their concern that what is the benefit of playing in the group level instead of in the match that is needed for the team. Along with them, former legendary cricketers are also facing criticism one after the other. First, former Indian captains Kapil Dev and Rahul Dravid… Recently, former cricket legend, dashing opener Virender Sehwag opened his mouth and expressed his anger.

Sehwag believes that the team captain Rohit Sharma said that the bowlers have failed by covering up their mistakes. The first team should have scored at least 80 runs in ten overs. “Even though the top order players scored 82 runs in the first 12 overs, the players who came later could have played bravely. You are the players who can score a hundred runs in eight overs. But it does not come together in all cases. Yes indeed.. You have performed many times in the past in grounds like Wankhede and Feroze Shah Kotla. New Zealand also played their first game against Australia and won. But that team could not win in its semi-final. I don’t agree that all the batsmen in the Indian team played well and the bowlers failed. In fact, we have to say that our team could not start batting as everyone wanted and lost in the first ten overs,” said Virender Sehwag.

But before Sehwag, former captains Kapil Dev and Rahul Dravid reacted to India’s defeat in the T20 World Cup semifinals. “There is no need to feel bad about losing one match in the World Cup. Indeed, he gave a very poor performance in the semifinals. But the players of that team won the match many times. Many series have been won,” said Kapil Dev on Thursday night. “There is no need to blame the players in the team just because they lost in the semifinals of a tournament. A lot of talented active players are now in the team. We still have two years to talk about the next semi-final and the performance of the players,” said Rahul Dravid, expressing his support for the Indian players.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma said after the semi-final against England on Thursday.. The way we played disappointed us so much. The batsmen played well but the bowlers were disappointing in my opinion. The pitch of Adelaide Oval was not suitable for batting without losing a single wicket in 16 overs. When it was the semi final, the pressure on all of us increased. “Nobody can teach you how to overcome it,” he said.

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