T20 World Cup: Failures.. then humiliations.. Unprecedented recovery to the final.. Pak playing hard for the cup

Pakistan Cricket Team

In the first match, they were upset by India.. then an unexpected defeat at the hands of a week team like Zimbabwe.. Pakistan played in the T20 World Cup. At that time no one thought that Pakistan would reach the final. It was the own audience who threw their mouths at the Pak team. And former pacer Shoaib Akhtar made a bitter comment that he would come with a basket. After facing insults, Babur’s army recovered. With successive victories, it has turned everyone’s expectations upside down. Netherlands’ win over South Africa also helped Pakistan. Pakistan, who faced the Kiwis in the first semi-final, limited the team to a low score. Pakistan came into the ring with a target of 153 runs. Darjaga entered the final.

Pakistan rival India? England?… Semi-fight between Team India-England

Pakistan in the final.. and who will be the opponent..? This is exciting now. The debate about whether Pakistan’s rival team is India or England is in full swing. The second semi-final fight between India and England will be held on Thursday. The team that wins this match will face Pakistan in the final. There are certain expectations of winning the semis and facing Pakistan. If India wins against England, it will be another high voltage fight.. fans are sure to be excited.

Limited to the group stage in the last World Cup

Team India, which won the T20 World Cup title 15 years ago, did not win again. In 2014, they reached the final and were defeated by Lanka. In the last World Cup, they entered the ring with huge hopes but were limited to the group stage. Now the semis are reached for victories even in difficult conditions. It will not be easy to beat England who have fierce players. Underestimating that team will pay the price. But Rohit’s team is getting ready to enter the ring with all the weapons.

Pakistan taken with pride

The fight between India and Pakistan is always special. The nations of the world will be watching with interest. If the final fight takes place between neighboring countries, it will be a high voltage fight. Pakistan is determined to lift the cup this time. A fight with India is a guarantee that the transplant will go to another range. If India is underestimated, it is sure to fall like a bokkabor. After all, the fever of Pakistan’s opponent in the final is suffocating the fans.

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