IPL: IPL is the biggest league in the world.. Hugely increased matches.. BCCI sketch is not normal..

Indian Premier League’s new chairman Arun Dhumal has said that IPL will become the biggest league in the next five years and IPL 2027 will have a total of 94 matches.

It is known that Indian Premier League is currently the biggest cricket league in the world. Many players are showing their talent in this. Now preparations have started to take this league further. The new chairman of IPL Arun Dhumal said that IPL will become the biggest league in the world in the next five years. Dhumal informed that IPL 2023 and 2024 will have 74 matches each, but by 2027, 94 matches will be played.

Media rights for IPL 2023-2027 cycle for Rs. 48,390 crore sold. It is the second most valuable sports league in the world in terms of cost per match. Dhumal said that it is necessary to move forward with new plans and IPL needs to become the biggest league in the world.

How many matches are there in a season of IPL?

IPL 2023: 74 matches

IPL 2024: 74 matches

IPL 2025: 84 matches

IPL 2026: 84 matches

IPL 2027: 94 matches

Is the number of IPL teams likely to increase?

However, Dhumal said that IPL teams will not be increased. This number will be limited to 10. Dhumal told PTI, ‘The number of teams will remain 10. If the number of these increases, it will be difficult to organize the tournament. We are looking at 74 matches in the first two seasons and then 84 matches. He said that if things go smoothly, 94 matches will be organized in the fifth year.

By adding two new teams to IPL, BCCI will spend Rs. Dhumal said that it has earned more than 12000 crores, but there is no possibility of adding more teams to it. Dhumal said IPL cannot be compared to football or any other league in the world as the requirements of cricket are different. He said that he cannot play on the same pitch for six months.

Indian players do not play in foreign leagues.

The IPL chairman said that BCCI has not allowed any Indian player to play in foreign leagues so far. It has been said that no player under board contract can play in another league. It is known that the IPL teams recently bought a total of 6 T20 teams that will start in South Africa.


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