T20 World Cup: Team India tops the group stage.. Number one in the list.. 2 more teams.. What is that record?

Team India Group Stage Matches Wins: In the T20 World Cup, Team India played a total of 38 matches in the group stage and won 24 matches. Apart from this, Africa and Pakistan are also not in the second place.

The matches of T20 World Cup 2022 (T20 World Cup 2022) have ended in the group stage. Currently, two semi-finals and a final match are to be played. This time, the teams of New Zealand, England, India and Pakistan reached the semi-finals after excelling in the group stage. In this 4 matches, the Indian team has won the most. Apart from this, all the teams won their 3 matches and got a place in the semi-finals. Let’s know how many matches which team has won in the group stage so far in the history of T20 World Cup.

1. India (24 wins in group stage)

So far in the history of T20 World Cup, the Indian team has played a total of 38 matches in the group stage, out of which they have won 24 matches. This includes four wins in the 2022 T20 World Cup. Team India won 4 matches and entered the semi-finals. Currently, the semi-final match will be played against England on Thursday, November 10.

2. Pakistan (24 wins in group stage)

The Pakistan team played a total of 38 matches in the group stage of the T20 World Cup. Pakistan also won 24 matches in this. Meanwhile, in the ongoing T20 World Cup, Pakistan won 3 out of 5 matches in the group stage and reached the semi-finals. The team will play their semi-final match against New Zealand on Wednesday, November 9.

3. South Africa (24 wins in group stage)

South Africa have played a total of 38 group stage matches in the World T20 so far. It won 24 matches. However, Africa could not qualify for the semifinals of the T20 World Cup this time. In this year’s T20 World Cup, Africa won only 2 matches in the group stage.


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