India vs Zimbabwe: There is no going down.

On the one hand, the T20 World Cup in Australia is going to be held in Australia and the Indian cricket fans are swaying.. on the other hand, the people coming to the matches in Melbourne are just playing the song of our Pushpa movie.. they are breaking out and dancing.

India vs Zimbabwe: There is no going down.

Oo Antava Song in Cricket Stadium

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa Movie Mania is right here.. It is huge outside as well. More importantly.. Star actress Samantha is a wave of oo antava patante.. Utti item no. Pushpa movie release.. It’s been a long time. The second part of the movie is also coming soon. Until then.. the dialogues, mannerisms, songs in the first part.. I don’t know if it will make any noise but.. you mean uncle.. it has gone a long way. Until the World Cup tournament in Aussie. During the match between India and Zimbabwe, the song was heard near the Melbourne stadium. Before the start of the match, the song Oo Antava Mawa was played outside the field, and the fans of Team India took steps and swayed. Now this video has gone viral on social media.

Since Pushpa is a pan-Indian movie, it is natural to make a fuss here in India. But seeing the song from this movie getting so much excitement even in international events.. Everyone says it’s wonderful. They say that they don’t know what’s in the actual song but.. we will be swayed as soon as we hear it..

Anyway, some are describing it as the power of Telugu movie songs. They are commenting that if there is mesmerizing capacity.. there will be no regional language differences. All in all, Pushpa has shown the power of Telugu cinema on the world stage. Telugu cinema goes beyond all limits saying that it is not going down.

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