BCCI vs Ganguly: Ganguly’s dispute reached the Calcutta High Court.

BCCI President: The issue of removal of former Indian cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly from the post of BCCI President has reached the Calcutta High Court. A public interest litigation was filed on Friday claiming his dismissal was illegal.

Former captain of the Indian cricket team, Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly was illegally removed from the post of the President of the Indian Cricket Board? Advocate Ramprasad Sarkar filed a Public Interest Litigation in Calcutta High Court raising the same question. The suit was filed before a division bench comprising Chief Justice Justice Prakash Srivastava and Justice Rajarshi Bharadwaj. It seems that it may come up for hearing next week. It is known that recently Sourav Ganguly stepped down from the post of BCCI president. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also questioned the removal of Sourav Ganguly from BCCI. PM Modi was asked to intervene.

Sourav Ganguly removed from BCCI?

Sourav’s term as BCCI president will end this year. After that no chance was given again. According to the Supreme Court order, an officer can hold office for six years in a state organization and six years in a board. According to that calculation, Sourav has another three years to continue as the chairman of the board. Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah continues as secretary, why Sourav was not retained, he alleged.

Questions on removal from the post of BCCI president..

Lawyer Ramprasad filed a case on Friday questioning Sourav’s removal from the post of BCCI president. He said that there is a decision of the Supreme Court regarding the appointment of BCCI President and Secretary. It stated that these rules were not properly followed in the decision to remove Sourav. If Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah can get back on board, why not Sourav? Was he removed from the post of chairman for political reasons? A division bench consisting of Chief Justice Srivastava and Justice Bharadwaj is likely to take up the matter next week.

Sourav did not contest CAB elections.

After resigning from BCCI, Sourav said that he will contest for the post of Bengal Cricket Association president. But in the end the election was not held. Sourav did not contest the election. His grandfather Snehashish Gangopadhyay became the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal. Snehasish Gangopadhyay was also sworn in as CAB president. Sourav Ganguly considers this a victory. Because once his grandfather becomes president, the reins of the cab are expected to be in Sourav’s hands.


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