Watch Video: Grand Kohli Birthday Celebrations.. Pant who was smiling.. Rohit Sharma is not seen in the video..

Virat Kohli Birthday Celebrations: Former captain of Indian team, batsman Virat Kohli celebrated his birthday in a grand way today i.e. 5th November.

Watch Video: Grand Kohli Birthday Celebrations.. Pant who was smiling.. Rohit Sharma is not seen in the video..

Virat kohli birthday celebrations video

Today is the birthday of India’s star batsman Virat Kohli on November 5. Virat Kohli, who is known as one of the world’s batsmen, is celebrating his birthday in a big way. Virat Kohli has been trending on social media since late Friday night. Many star players have also put up special posts for Virat Kohli and conveyed wishes. Meanwhile, the star player celebrated his birthday away from the country in Australia with the Indian team. Virat Kohli is in Australia along with Team India playing the T20 World Cup. Kohli’s bat is raining runs in this tournament. Amidst the pressure of the matches, Team India celebrated Kohli’s birthday in a grand manner.

Kohli celebrates with Team India..

Today is also the birthday of Virat Kohli and the team’s mental conditioning coach Paddy Upton. BCCI shared the video of both of them cutting the cake on social media. Both of them first cut the cakes and then fed each other and then the other team members fed the cakes. However, Rishabh Pant was seen taking the cake and smearing it on Kohli’s face. Hardik, the rest of the cake players of the team jumped for the cake.

Rohit Sharma not seen in the celebrations..

All the members of Team India were seen in these celebrations organized by BCCI. However, Team India captain Rohit Sharma was not seen. Fans are commenting on this. Some are commenting that the captain of Team India is crying during Kohli’s birthday celebrations, while others are commenting that Kohli celebrated without Rohit.

Indian journalists who are part of

Kohli then celebrated his birthday with media friends who had come to cover the World Cup. Virat said that he liked the cake brought by the journalists. Later he took pictures with journalists. Team India will play their last league match against Zimbabwe on Sunday. Team India has intensified its practice for this. Kohli is currently the highest run scorer in the tournament. He scored 220 runs at an average of 220 in four matches. Kohli’s strike rate at this time is 144.74.


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