Pakistan batter who doesn’t know ICC rules.. to Outai Pavilion


The T20 World Cup is going on smoothly. Pakistan got a great victory over South Africa in a must-win match to stay in the race for the semis. However, in this match, Mohammad Nawaz joined Outai Pavilion as he did not know the ICC rules. South African bowler Shamsi found Nawaz in front of the wickets in the last ball of the 13th over of the innings. The umpire dismissed the appeal for LB. The ball hits the pads after hitting the bat edge. Nawaz, who left the crease and tried to run, was run out by the South African fielders on the same ball. Nawaz felt that he was run out and left the field without asking for a review even after touching the edge of the bat. If this is the case, the ball becomes a dead ball when the umpire gives it out as per ICC rules. That means then running and running out are not possible. But either not knowing the rules or not remembering at the right time… Nawaz joined the pavilion.

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