T20 World Cup: Fake allegations against Kohli..Bangla keeper in trouble..A chance to take action..How?

IND vs BAN: India beat Bangladesh by 5 runs. But after the match Bangladesh wicket keeper batsman Nurul Hasan accused Kohli of not being honest.

T20 World Cup: Fake allegations against Kohli..Bangla keeper in trouble..A chance to take action..How?

India Vs Bangladesh Match Issue

The Indian cricket team has won three matches in the T20 World Cup and is entering the semi-finals. In the last match, India won by 5 runs in a thrilling match against Bangladesh. But the fans of Bangladesh and Pakistan are throwing questions on this victory of India. Bangladesh wicket keeper Nurul Hasan also accused Virat Kohli of not being honest. But it seems that this allegation is hanging around their neck and action can be taken against them.

India vs Bangladesh on Wednesday 2nd November in Adelaide. It is known that rain has disrupted this. Bangladesh’s innings fell apart due to the rain and they had to suffer a defeat when they were very close to victory. But after the match Hasan accused Kohli of fake fielding. Before the match was stopped due to rain, Hasan alleged that he faked a throw in the seventh over, in which his team should have got five runs as a penalty, but did not get it.

What is a fake fielding case?

In fact, in the seventh over, Nazmul Santo and Liton Das were scoring two runs on one shot. At this point, Arshdeep Singh threw the ball. Kohli, standing in point position on it, pretended to throw it towards the keeper doing a relay throw action. According to Rule 41.5 of the ICC Rules, the fielding team must not deliberately obstruct or distract the batsman.

If the umpire feels that the player has breached the rule, he may declare a dead ball and award a penalty of five runs.

A mistake in understanding the rules.. a chance to take action..

The bungalow keeper could not understand the problem here. Under the rules, ‘fake fielding’ can be actioned if it distracts or obstructs the batsmen. If you watch the video, you can see that the two batsmen did not look at Kohli. That means even he didn’t know that Kohli had done something like this.

In such a situation, questions arise over Nurul’s allegations. In such a situation action can only be taken against him. In fact, ICC rules take action against a player who criticizes the decisions of the match officials during or after the match. In such a situation, it seems that action can be taken against the umpires for misrepresenting the rules and criticizing them.


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