T20 World Cup: If that happens, Pakistan will go to the semis.. Changed calculations.. Team India should show mercy.!

Pakistan’s victory not only changed the results of Group-B semis..it must be said that the team also solidified its semifinal hopes.

The T20 World Cup is going on smoothly. Pakistan won by 33 runs in the match against South Africa in Sydney as part of Group-B. This has not only changed the results of Group-B semis.. It should be said that Pakistan has solidified its semi-final hopes as well. Team India has already finalized the semi-final place from that group. South Africa and Pakistan are competing for the second place. And what do the numbers say for Pakistan to reach the semis?

Pakistan will face Bangladesh in their next match. This match will be held on 6th November. Not only is Pakistan successful in this, but the net rate should also be ensured. Also, Team India suffered defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe in the last match of the league stage. On the other hand, Netherlands should register a huge win against South Africa. If all this happens, Pakistan will reach the semi-finals. Otherwise you have to leave the tournament.

Meanwhile, cricket fans are of the opinion that it is not enough if Pakistan wins against Safaris. It is said that Babar Sena will go to Assam from the tournament. On the other hand, Pakistan fans have lost the last match and are commenting on Twitter asking Team India to show mercy to their team.

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