IND vs BAN: ‘Kohli’s fake fielding..if umpire gives penalty, victory is ours’..Bangla keeper sensational allegations..

Virat Kohli Fake fielding: Bangladesh batsman Nurul Hasan said that Virat Kohli did an illegal act during the match and in such a situation the umpire should have imposed a penalty of 5 runs against Team India.

IND vs BAN: 'Kohli's fake fielding..if umpire gives penalty, victory is ours'..Bangla keeper sensational allegations..

Ind Vs Ban Kohli Fake Fielding

The India-Bangladesh (IND vs BAN) match of the T20 World Cup 2022 ended on a very exciting note on Wednesday night. The result of the match was announced on the last ball. Bangladesh lost by 5 runs as per Duckworth-Lewis rule. This match also led to some controversies. Controversial decisions include the umpire giving Virat Kohli a ‘no-ball’ and finishing the match despite the ground being wet. Another controversy related to Virat Kohli’s ‘fake fielding’ has also come to the fore.

Bangladesh middle-order batsman Nurul Hasan has accused Virat Kohli of ‘fake fielding’ while batting. He also said that if the umpire had taken action and imposed a penalty on Team India, the result of the match would have been in favor of Bangladesh.

After the match, Nurul Hasan explained the reason for Bangladesh’s defeat. At the time, Pitch described humidity as an important factor. Along with this, he also talked about Virat Kohli’s ‘fake throw’. He said, ‘We all saw that the ground was wet. A throw was also made along with this. There is a possibility of a penalty of 5 runs. Had this been the case, the match would have been in our favour. But unfortunately this too has been ignored’, he said.

How true is Nurul Hasan’s allegation?

However, Nurul Hasan did not find these allegations wrong. When Arshdeep threw the ball towards the batting end in the seventh over of Bangladesh’s innings, Virat Kohli committed this illegal act. According to Rule 41.5.1, if the fielding team deliberately commits any act that disturbs the concentration of the batsmen, the umpire may award the ball a dead ball and award an extra 5 runs to the batting team.

But in the midst of all these controversies, in the end, the Indian team won the match by 5 runs. With this victory, Team India is ahead in the semi-final race. Bangladesh’s hopes, on the other hand, depend on the results of a few more matches.

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