Watch Video: 65 meters away from victory for Bangla.. That’s the scene that turned the match..

Liton Das gave Bangladesh a strong start with a half-century off just 21 balls before the rain. But, everything changed after the rain.

You never know what will happen in cricket. A few miracles in any ball, shot or fielding are said to change the course of a match. The T20 World Cup in Australia is constantly being watched. A similar thing happened in the India-Bangladesh match in Adelaide. Poor fielding here helped Bangladesh get off to a brilliant start. But after the interruption due to rain, Team India showed its strength. This change which started in fielding.. gradually reached bowling. This allowed India to come back into the match. This was done by KL Rahul. Liton Das became the victim from Bangla. Before that, Das, who had become a hero with a lightning half-century and crushed the bowlers of Team India, remained zero after the rain.

Batting first, India set a target of 185 runs against Bangladesh in a match held in Adelaide. Later, Liton Das gave Bangladesh a brilliant start. He scored a half century in just 21 balls. At this time, Dinesh received life from Karthik. Liton took advantage of it and Das became more agitated. However, play was stopped due to rain in the 7th over. By this time Bangladesh’s score was 66 runs.

Rahul is excited after the rain..

The match started after rain. Bangladesh will once again expect the same attacking innings from Liton Das. But, in the second ball, Team India won hugely. Nazmul Santo played the ball from Ashwin towards deep mid-wicket. Team India did not miss a wonderful opportunity that came in the sequence of two batsmen completing one run and taking the second run.

This is where KL Rahul performed a brilliant fielding. He threw the ball towards the non-striker’s end from a distance of about 65 meters from the boundary. The ball hit the stumps straight and dropped the bails.

End of Liton das innings..

Lyton tried his best and even dived. But, he could not get into the crease. Not only did it give India their first wicket but it turned out to be the most important wicket. In fact, Litton slipped in the second run. However, Rahul’s straight throw brilliantly took wickets. This ended Lytton’s innings.

Meanwhile, KL Rahul also did wonders with his batting. Rahul, who was in poor form, got a chance this time too. This time he did not betray the trust of the management. Rahul scored 50 runs in 32 balls and gave India a good start. Any batter who came after that could not stand in the crease. Before the rain started, Bangladesh scored 66 runs in 7 overs without losing a single wicket. Duckworth Lewis revised the target of 151 runs in 16 overs for Bangladesh due to rain interruption. Unable to reach the target, the Bengal team lost 6 wickets and stopped at 145 runs.

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