Mr. Bean in the Pakistan-Zimbabwe match. Twitter war between the presidents of the two countries. Revenge is not normal.

The world is praising the Zimbabwean team who defeated the Pakistan team which was considered as the favorite of the tournament. In this context, the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Dambudjo Mnangagwa, also congratulated the Zimbabwean players on social media.

As part of the T20 World Cup, the young Zimbabwean team defeated the strong Pakistan team by one run and created a sensation. Batting first in this crucial match at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Zimbabwean team scored 130 runs for the loss of 8 wickets. While chasing the small target, Pakistan lost 8 wickets and scored 129 runs in the allotted 20 overs. With this, Babar’s team lost by one run. On the other hand, the Zimbabwean team, which was considered as the favorite of the tournament, has been praised all over the world for defeating the Pakistan team. In this context, the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambudjo Mnangagwa also congratulated the Zimbabwean players on social media. All this is fine but his post mocking the Pakistan team has angered the Pakistan fans. At the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also had to respond to the Zimbabwean president’s tweet.

We know how to rebound.

Going into the details, President Emmerson Dambudjo tweeted after Zimbabwe’s victory over Pakistan, ‘Great victory for Zimbabwe. “Congratulations to the team management and players,” he wrote. Along with this, he added a sentence in the tweet saying ‘next time send real mr bean’. This caused the anger of Pakistan fans. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif responded to the Zimbabwean President’s tweet saying, ‘We may not have the real Mr. Bean, but we have the true spirit of cricket. We Pakistanis have a fun habit of getting strong. Mr. President.. Congratulations. Your team played very well’ he replied.

What is Mr. Bean’s motto?

While the main reason for Mr. Bean coming in the middle of the Pak-Zimbabwe match was an incident in 2016. According to reports, in 2016, at an international conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, he hosted a comedy show with famous Pakistani comedian Asif Mohammed. He looks similar to the real Mr. Bean (British actor Rowan Atkinson). However, his performance at the show in Harare failed to impress the audience at all. A Zimbabwean magazine also published a sensational article on the matter. It is said that some people left in the middle of the show. At that time, the police also provided protection for this fake Mr. Bean to roam the streets of Zimbabwe. Similarly, there were reports that many Zimbabweans bought tickets for the event thinking that he was the real Mr. Bean.

Zimbabwe hopes to take revenge on Pakistan for this incident. In this context, before the start of the match between Zimbabwe and Pakistan, the fans of both teams took to social media. Ahead of the match, Pakistan shared some practice pictures on social media. For this post, Nagugi Chasura, a netizen from Zimbabwe, brought up Mr. Bean and said that Babar’s team was certain to lose. “As Zimbabweans we will never forgive you,” he tweeted. Once you showed us a fake Pak Bean instead of the real Mr. Bean. We will settle this in tomorrow’s match,” he tweeted. And indeed, this tweet went trending after the Pakistan team lost the match. Many netizens reposted the same tweet. After that, ‘Fraud Pak Mr. Bin’ was a big hit.

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