Babar Azam: Criticism pouring in on Babar Azam.

Babar Azam

He dishonored the nation with his worst playing style. Pakistanis are angry with Captain Babar Azam. At the same time, Kohli is being praised. Team India’s brilliant start in the T20 World Cup on Diwali left Pakistan disappointed. Pakistan cricket fans are unable to digest Rohit Sena’s victory by 4 wickets in this thrilling Super-12 match. All their anger turned on Captain Babar Azam. Former Pakistani cricket player Salim Malik has made strong comments that if he is not able to lead the team, he should step down from the captaincy. He was furious with Babar Azam’s style of play. Salim Malik is questioning how if he can’t lead the team efficiently despite his years of experience. He reminded that many players have dropped out in the past.

On the other hand, former Pakistan captain Salman Bhatt says that his players are not paying attention to the match. He criticized his country’s players for not paying attention in the first match against India. At least they are not able to apply the rules of the game according to the situation. On the other hand, Indian captain Virat Kohli praised the game. He said that India won the match due to Kohli’s miracle. On the other hand, Pakistan captain Babar Azam is also praising Kohli. He praised that such victories will increase confidence in Kohli. All in all, the pressure on Babar Azam at home increased.

Meanwhile, the T20 World Cup match between Pakistan and India was exciting till the last ball. India came into the ring with a target of 160 runs and lost 4 wickets for 31 runs. Then Kohli and Hardik came to the crease and put on a partnership of 113 runs in 78 balls. Hardik was dismissed at the last moment, but Kohli stayed till the end to win Team India. In the last over when India needed 16 runs to win, Kohli did a miracle.

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