Video: Yesterday Virat Kohli.. Yesterday another batter.. scored 8 runs in a dead ball.. Do you know anyone.. What is the actual rule?

Ind Vs Pak Records

Ever since India’s victory over Pakistan, there has been an uproar over the ICC rule. The rule is to take a run after being bowled on a free hit. Virat Kohli was dismissed by Nawaz’s bowling in the match against Pakistan. It is a free hit ball. After that Virat and Karthik scored three runs. Due to these three runs, Team India won the last ball. The ICC is currently raising questions on this rule. Former Australia captain Mark Taylor said that this rule should be changed immediately. However, as the Australian batsman also did a similar thing in a match, Mark Taylor is now a victim of trolls.

Former Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin also did the feat of Virat against Pakistan. The match is going on between the Pakistan team that went to Australia and the Australia-A teams. In this match, Shoaib Akhtar gave 3 runs to the extras. Hadin scored 4 runs off Akhtar’s ball. This ball is also a no ball. Haddin was bowled on the next ball. It was a free hit. Haddin also scored a run after being bowled. As a result, Mark Taylor became a victim of trolls. Australia’s batsmen did it then.. Now they are criticizing Virat Kohli.

Why is Mark Taylor demanding that this rule be banned?

Now the question is why Mark Taylor is demanding to ban this provision. Taylor said, ‘By this rule, the batting side will benefit. That’s why if bowled in a free hit, that ball should be a dead ball’ he said.

What does Simon Taufel say about this rule..

One of the legendary umpires Simon Taufel also spoke on the matter. According to him, the three runs taken by the Indian team after being bowled was absolutely correct as per the rule. Taufel said that the umpires took the right decision. If the batsman is bowled due to a free hit, the ball is not considered dead.

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