No Ball Controversy: There was no cheating in India’s win.. There was no mistake in umpiring.. Here is the evidence of those two controversies..

T20 World Cup 2022, IND vs PAK: Nawaz bowls a full toss just above waist height. Virat hits a six on it. Virat looks at the umpire and suggests no ball.

Team India avenged their defeat against Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup in Melbourne on Sunday. This high voltage drama between the match continued till the last ball. India won by 4 wickets due to Virat Kohli’s brilliant batting. Two incidents happened in the last over. Pak fans and former fans are making a fuss over this. Now let’s find out the truth in their claims.

1. First Controversy – No Ball.. Original Rules..

Team India had to score 16 runs in the last over. The bowler is left arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz. Hardik Pandya was dismissed on the first ball. As soon as Hardik left, Karthik came and took a single without taking a hit and gave Kohli a strike. Kohli scored 2 runs in the third ball of that over. After that the equation required 13 runs in 3 balls.

No Ball Controversy

Nawaz bowls a full toss just above waist height. Virat hits a six on it. Virat looks at the umpire and suggests no ball. He believed that the ball was above waist height and should be given a no ball. The umpire also agreed with Kohli and gave a no ball.

Pakistan team and fans think that this ball is not a no ball. Let’s see what the rules say about this.

The rule states that for a full toss to be a no ball, the height of the ball at the first point it reaches the batsman must be higher than the batsman’s waist.

The second condition is that the shot is not played while the batsman is batting beyond the crease.

When the ball hit Virat’s bat.. the height of the ball was higher than Virat’s waist. That is, the first condition for no ball is OK.

Virat is seen playing on the front foot in this film. Just playing on the front foot. Virat’s back foot is in the crease while playing the shot. That means the second condition of no ball is also correct.

Why was the matter not referred to the third umpire?

Former veterans like Wasim Akram on the TV show Waqar Younis said that when the technology is available, the matter should be referred to the third umpire to determine whether there is a no ball.

Perhaps Akram and Waqar have not read the rules of modern cricket properly. According to the rules, a high full toss is referred to the third umpire only when the batsman is out for that ball, whether it is a no ball or not. The new ICC rules say the same.

That was not the case in this case. Kohli was not out. He hit a six. However, at present the ground umpire does not require any reference to this. He had to decide on a no ball. The umpire did the same.

2. The second controversy – why that ball was not a dead ball..

The ball after the no ball is a free hit. Virat was bowled by this. But Virat scored three runs with Karthik. Pakistan fans say that it should have been declared as a dead ball. Now let’s see how the bye comes out on it..

Virat no ball out

The rule states that if a bowler throws the ball in double step or low height, the ball becomes dead when it hits the wicket. Even if the ball is a no ball, it becomes dead after hitting the wicket. No runs can be scored on it. But, the ball where Virat and Karthik hit three runs was no ordinary ball. That is not a no ball. After a no ball it is a free hit ball. This matter has been declared clearly in the ICC rules.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the ICC Playing Condition (Rule 21.18). Although the batsman was bowled on a free hit, the ball was not dead after hitting the wicket. Can run on it. If the ball hit the bat hits the wicket, the runs go to the batsman’s account. A bye can be taken if the ball hits the wicket past the batsman. That is what happened in this case. As the ball did not hit Virat’s bat, three runs came as byes.

It is clear that a cricketer or a fan who criticizes the ICC in these two matters does not know the new rules of cricket. These rules show that there was no cheating in the match against Pakistan. Team India competed in a completely fair manner and won.

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