Watch Video: Chasing master Vishwaroopam.. Rohit picked up on his shoulder on the field.. If you watch the video..

Virat Kohli scored a half-century against Pakistan to take Team India to victory. Videos of Rohit and Kohli celebrating after the win are going viral.

The Indian team started their journey in the T20 World Cup with a fantastic win over Pakistan. Virat Kohli once again proved why he is called the chasing master by winning the match against Team India at the Melbourne ground. Kohli’s crucial innings made captain Rohit Sharma very happy. He picked up his star player on the field and whirled around. Virat Kohli’s rift with Rohit Sharma despite being the captain has been in the news several times. However, the scene seen on the Melbourne ground gave a positive signal to the fans of Team India whether there were any disputes between the two.

Rohit took Kohli on his shoulder..

When Team India won the match that went to the last ball… Kohli celebrated in his own style as always. Showed his aggression by landing punches. At the same time, Rohit, who came on the field, could not stop seeing Kohli. He first hugged Kohli and then lifted him on his shoulder. He started walking with Kohli on his shoulder like a child. There is no doubt that any fan who witnessed this scene on the field would be emotional.

Kohli turned the match in the last overs.

Indian team needs 160 runs to win. However, the three batsmen in the top order were bowled back for just 26 runs. Kohli, who was at the crease at that time, turned back after giving victory to Team India. He scored 82 off 53 balls in a tense match. It has six fours and four sixes. Kohli turned the match upside down in the last three overs.

Poor Pakistan..

Pakistan, who lost the toss and batted earlier, scored 159 runs for the loss of eight wickets. Indian captain Rohit Sharma won the toss and chose to bowl. Shan Masood scored an unbeaten 52 and Iftikhar Ahmed scored 51 runs for Pakistan. On behalf of India, Arshdeep Singh and Hardik Pandya took three wickets, while Mohammed Shami and Bhuvneshwar Kumar took one wicket each.

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