T20 WC2022: To become champion in Aussies.. Just do this.. Result will be different.. Interesting tips from Sachin..

Sachin Tendulkar

The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 is currently underway in Australia. While all the teams are engaged in their practice, some teams are playing qualifier matches. In this order, the actual competition is going to start from October 22. However, as the fields here are very big, hitting fours and sixes is not as easy as in other fields in the world. Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best batsmen in the world, gave many tips to the batsmen on how to play on the grounds here. Sachin feels that runs between the wickets are very important here due to the wide field.

Singles are more important than boundaries.

Sachin wrote a column in the English newspaper The Indian Express. He gave his opinion on how to make the race between the wickets easier in Australia. There is no doubt that batsmen who accept Sachin’s words will increase their chances of success. It is known that many veterans before Sachin said that running is very important in Australia. The master blaster emphasized that hitting fours and sixes here is not so easy. “Australia has drop-in pitches. The grass is thick on all sides. So it is suggested that there are two surfaces here. He said that it is very important to give high priority to singles as the boundaries are getting worse.

Focus on them.

Sachin said the spikes on the boots were also important on the Australian ground. “On Australian pitches I would recommend longer spikes. Spikes should be sharpened before going to bat. It makes running easier. Soft spikes run while fielding. But, wear sprinter spikes while batting. These little things make a big difference.”

Where to run..

Sachin also explained where the batsmen should run. “There is also the question of where to run. Perfect for running around the corners of drop-in pitches. If a left-handed bowler is bowling, the batsman at the other end can stand outside the line. The striker can run inside the line. The master suggested that both the batsmen take short routes and talk about it beforehand.

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