IND Vs PAK: If India doesn’t come…we will boycott ODI World Cup…experts that Pakistan’s argument won’t work..

India Vs Pakistan

It is known that Asian Cricket Council (ACC) Chairman and BCCI Secretary Jaisha gave an important update regarding the next Asia Cup on Monday. He said that the Indian team will not tour Pakistan to participate in this tournament. He also mentioned that this tournament will be shifted to other countries outside Pakistan. PCB will be very angry with this. Pakistan will host Asia Cup 2023. Through this tournament, they expressed hope that after 15 years they will be able to host the most popular team in the world (Team India) in their country. The Pakistan Cricket Board thought that it could make huge profits with this. It felt that it was possible to completely remove the dangerous tag from its country. But India’s decision not to send a team dashed its hopes.

After that Pakistan resorted to threats as per its habit. PCB is arguing that if India does not send a team to Asia Cup 2023, it will not send our team to India for the next ODI World Cup.

Asia Cup in July-August and World Cup in October-November. A PCB spokesperson said that the matter will be mentioned in the ICC board meeting to be held in Melbourne next month. It is also said in PTI news that Pakistan Cricket Board President Rameez Raja is very unhappy with this decision taken by Jaisha.

Expulsion of Pakistan.. useless argument..

Before the Corona epidemic, Team India had to tour Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Board has secured sponsors for the series. But due to the lockdown, this series did not take place. Later, BCCI assured the Sri Lankan board that Team India will definitely tour Sri Lanka to make up for its losses. After that went to Sri Lanka and played the series. BCCI’s support to sustain its financial existence is not only for the Sri Lankan Cricket Board but also for all cricket playing countries including Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. There is no doubt that the Indian team earns as much from one tour as it does from normal tours in two to three years.

Therefore, if PCB takes this issue into ICC politics, it will not get support from any other board. There will also be a ban on Pakistan due to the boycott of the ICC tournament.

India’s argument is very strong.

If the Indian team refuses to go to Pakistan citing security reasons, no country in the world will question the decision. Recently, Pakistan has hosted teams like Australia and England. Pakistan is considered as the birthplace and refuge of international terrorists. After canceling the tour several times, England finally sent the team last month.

Half an hour before the start of the ODI match, New Zealand called off the tour due to security reasons. India can easily prove security threats in Pakistan. Even today, Pakistan continues to promote terrorism in Kashmir. India has the right to refuse to send the Pakistan team to this ground. The world will not question India for this.

Without Pakistan, there is no impact on the financial condition of the tournament.

10% of cricket fans worldwide live in Pakistan. In terms of fans, India’s share is around 60%. But, when it comes to cricket finance, India contributes 80% of global revenue. But Pakistan provides only 5%. Therefore, even if Pakistan does not play the World Cup, there will be no difference in the financial condition of the tournament.

The Pakistan Cricket Board does not stand before the BCCI at all in terms of overall status. BCCI is 36 times richer than the Pakistan board. BCCI is valued at 15,521 crores. At the same time, the value of PCB is only Rs.427 crores.

Not playing the World Cup is a big loss for Pakistan.

It will be a loss if Pakistan does not play the World Cup. Cricket is as crazed in India as it is in Pakistan. Then the fans will be isolated. It will become very difficult for PCB to withstand public anger.

Due to not playing in the World Cup, there is a possibility that the youth there will also miss out on the game. If this is the case, then PCB is not able to manage the cricket ecosystem in its country.

Asia Cup is not possible without India..

If Pakistan wants to host the Asia Cup without India’s participation, that is also not possible. The current President of India is leading the Asian Cricket Council. Apart from this, none of the other members of this council support Pakistan and not India. Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis. It will not oppose India in any way. Same situation in Bangladesh.

Afghanistan is currently standing against Pakistan not only in cricket but in many other matters. UAE cricket is going because of India. It is known that there is no Asia Cup without India. With this, Pakistan’s claims will remain useless.

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