T20 World Cup 2022: Sri Lanka’s defeat has a severe impact on India.

The Sri Lankan team is currently playing the qualifiers. Can enter the Super-12 if they top their group in the qualifiers. Otherwise, you will have to withdraw from the tournament.

The ICC T20 World Cup started and the Asia Cup winner faced a terrible defeat in the very first match. Sri Lanka lost to Namibia in the qualifier round. Four teams from the qualifiers released this time will go to the Super-12. Sri Lanka, West Indies, Namibia, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, UAE and Zimbabwe are competing for these four positions. However, experts warn that the first match in the qualifiers will have a big impact on the upcoming tournament. It is said that this will have a lot of impact on Team India as well. Now let’s find out how..

The Sri Lankan team lost this match unilaterally. This is an inescapable defeat for Sri Lanka who won the Asia Cup-2022. However, baby Namibia fully deserved this victory. This gave a huge warning to the other teams. It is said that India will also be included in this.

India may be in trouble.

Sri Lanka are in Group-A of the qualifiers. Indian team will play directly in Super-12. This group also includes Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh. Qualifiers in this group will join the second placed team in Group-A. Sri Lanka will continue to be second in Group-A after losing to Namibia. In such a situation there is a chance of getting into the group in the Indian team. With this, there will be a tough competition in this group. In such conditions, Team India may have to work hard for the first place. It is known that Sri Lanka won against India in the recently held Asia Cup. If Lanka is in the same group, India will have to work hard. It is known that the Lankan team shocked India a lot in the T20 World Cup. That is why Rohit Sharma is being warned by exes in this regard.

Sri Lanka still have 2 matches to play..

However, Sri Lanka still have two qualifier matches to play. The match against United Arab Emirates (UAE) is scheduled to be played on October 18. This is followed by a match against the Netherlands on October 20. Sri Lanka now need to beat these two teams. Losing one more match will make going to Super-12 difficult.

Sri Lanka, who played the final three times in the T20 World Cup, won once. At the same time, it lost twice. In 2014, they won the T20 World Cup title for the first time after defeating India. Sri Lanka reached the final in 2009 but lost to Pakistan. In 2012 also this team reached the final and lost to West Indies.

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