Watch Video: Dhoni couldn’t stop laughing at the child’s question.. If you hear the answer, you too..

Ms. Dhoni

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently making noise only in IPL. He stays away from the field throughout the year. However, Dhoni is also less active on social media. However, his fan following never dwindled. They always try to dominate social media. Dhoni recently visited the Global School named after him and reminisced about his childhood days.

Dhoni’s funny answer to the girl’s question..

Chennai Super Kings shared a video of Dhoni. Here the former Indian captain shares his experience with school children. While studying in school, a little girl asked Dhoni which subject he liked best. Dhoni laughed as soon as he heard this question. He responded to this.. ‘If you call sports as a subject. I am an average student. I have been playing cricket since I was just seven years old. That’s why I was rarely in class. But I am a good student. He got 66 percent marks in 10th class and 56 percent marks in 12th.

My father does not believe that I will pass in 10..

Dhoni told his children that his father did not believe that this Jharkhand dynamite would pass class 10. ‘My father thought I would never pass class 10. That’s why I am very happy to clear the board exam. I got 66 per cent marks in class 10 and 56 or 57 per cent in class 12,’ he shared with the students about his childhood.

Dhoni remembers his school days.

Like everyone else, Dhoni believes that school time is the best time. He said, ‘Whatever school I go to, I feel like I’ve stepped into a time machine. However, it includes sports as well as studies. But, the time spent in school will never come back. You have memories. The friends you meet here will stay with you for the rest of your life’, he concluded.

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