Match Fixing: 14 years ban in match fixing case… ICC’s key decision… Who is that player?

ICC: Mehrdeep was accused of fixing an international match between Zimbabwe and UAE as well as a match in the Canada GT20 League.

The time has come for T20 World Cup 2022. All the teams have started preparations to this extent. But, before that, a cricketer got some bitter news. This player has nothing to do with T20 World Cup 2022. This player’s team will play qualifiers there. He was not a part of this team. Now we are talking about the UAE cricketer Mehrdeep Chawkar who committed a big mistake on the cricket field 3 years ago and was punished. As a result of that punishment, he is currently unable to play cricket for 14 years.

3 years ago, i.e. in the year 2019, Mehrdeep was accused of match fixing. He was accused of fixing an international match between Zimbabwe and UAE as well as a match in Canada’s GT20 league. A total of 7 charges have been registered against Mehrdeep. The ICC later convicted him and imposed a 14-year ban.

ICC bans UAE player for 14 years

The ICC said on Wednesday that Mehrdeep has been banned by the anti-corruption department. Earlier two players of the UAE national team were banned. He admitted violating the Anti-Corruption Code in connection with the offer to Chowkar.

Chawkar wicket keeper cum batsman..

Mehrdeep Chawkar is a wicket keeper batsman in UAE cricket. He is constantly playing in the UAE top league. Also played in Under-19 Asian Club Tournament in 2012. After receiving the ICC sentence, he denied the allegations against him. He stated that it is baseless. He was found guilty of two counts, including willful misconduct. Mehrdeep Chawkar is accused of not only fixing but also of not cooperating with the investigation. Because of this, the ICC has given him severe punishment.

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