The fans were angry because the sale of tickets was slow and online payments were not allowed. As he tried to push himself inside the gate..

Affection is wounded. The management of the HCA elders has made the hardcore fans who are madly fans of cricket as a religion. Hyderabad Cricket Association played T-20 with cricket fans in Gymkhana. One ticket please and showed the fans who were waiting with hope.. Mohammad Azharuddin is the president of HCA. On 25th of this month, the India-Australia match will be held at the Uppal Stadium in Hyderabad. It will be the first international Twenty20 match after a gap of more than three years. That’s why the fans are eager to not miss the feeling of watching the match live. The queue lines from Gymkhana Ground to Paradise were full as thousands of fans came from midnight last night.

The fans were angry because the sale of tickets was slow and online payments were not allowed. A tense situation arose as he tried to push himself through the gate. Despite all this happening, HCA elders did not care. The police did not bat an eye. What’s more.. got out of control.. a stampede happened.. the whole gymkhana was filled with laughter. Ten people were injured in the baton charge. Four of the victims were women.

Telangana government has responded seriously to the gymkhana ground stampede. HCA has been directed to review the allotment of tickets immediately. What is the capacity of the stadium, how many tickets are there, how many have been put online… Minister Srinivas Goud ordered to tell the total scenario.

Speaking to the media after the review meeting, the minister promised to ensure that such incidents are not repeated. He said that this incident happened due to the negligence of Hyderabad Cricket Association. They said that they will not tolerate if the reputation of Telangana is tarnished. Also.. Police Department is also failing HCA. The additional DCP said that the mismanagement of the HCA was evident throughout the incident. Whoever is responsible will take action.

Azharuddin is the only tough villain in the total episode. Azharuddin, who was elected as the president of Hyderabad Cricket Association after going through many moves and court cases, seems to have failed completely in the activities of the association. He got a mark as a match fixer in cricket. After that, instead of working out in politics, he has now entered cricket politics. Stories are told about the games Azhar plays in the off-ground.

Colleagues like Shivlal Yadav say that corruption is notorious under Azhar’s rule. There is also a charge of appointing a junior selection committee in HCA and acting like a dictator. Now the issue of tickets. Similar matches were held in two other places in the country. There are tickets for the girl and the respective cricket associations. But there were no fights. In Hyderabad, however, there is a commotion regarding tickets.

With the latest incident, Azharuddin has become completely cornered in cricket circles. Telangana Cricket Association General Secretary Gurava Reddy has alleged that a 40 crore scam has taken place in the sale of T20 match tickets. He said that this situation has come because of Azharuddin’s one-man show.

If so many atrocities are happening in the queue, the khakis are desperately trying to get tickets by taking a shortcut. Some photos of them taking tickets from behind the counters are going viral. Criticism is coming that some who came in civil dress were given tickets by the police in uniform.

A woman named Padma lost consciousness in the stampede. The lady constable who was there immediately gave her CPR treatment and made her breathe. The lady constable who gave first aid in time… was praised later.

The feeling of saving a life is beyond words. Lady Constable got emotional while sharing that feeling with TV9. The HCA officials have closed the counter at the gymkhana ground saying that the tickets are sold out. Allegations are heard that they are lying without selling the tickets in full. Those who were standing in the queue were sent back. Those who did not get tickets were not discouraged.. the police gave them banana and samosa to cool down.

HCA President Azharuddin decided that no more tickets. He said openly in the meeting with Minister Srinivas Gowda. Ten people injured in the stampede are recovering. But.. HCA failed miserably in selling tickets. Will Mr. Azhar answer these questions?

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