Ahead of the World Cup, star player Marco Ruiz collapsed with an injury. Earlier too he missed the World Cup due to injury.

This year is special for both cricket and football. 2 World Cups are going to be held in next 2 months. The first T20 Cricket World Cup will be held in Australia. The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar. Players of both the sports are preparing themselves for the big tournament. But injuries are also derailing many players’ dreams of playing in the World Cup. Talking about India, Ravindra Jadeja is out of the World Cup. Pakistan’s Faqar Zaman was also injured. Now another star is out of the World Cup due to injury. But this time the injury created problems not only for the cricketer but also for the footballer.

What happened during the match?

It seems that German star Marco Ruiz may leave the World Cup. The 33-year-old Borussia Dortmund captain suffered an accident in a match against Schalke. He was seriously injured in the first half. He was then taken off the field on a stretcher. He injured his right leg heel in the match. As soon as he was injured, his ankle began to bleed rapidly. He went out in tears.

German coach Hans Flick included Marco in the squad for the international matches against Hungary and England. He was also a key member of the World Cup squad. But, the injury took away the opportunity to be a part of the historic moment. Earlier in 2014, he suffered an ankle injury during a warm-up match. Because of that he could not be a part of Germany’s World Cup victory. In 2016 he missed the European Championships due to a groin injury. Marko scored 15 goals in 48 matches for Germany.

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