Virat Kohli: Kohli’s retirement after T20 World Cup? Key comments of ex-pak player..

Virat Kohli returned to form in Asia Cup 2022 with a stunning century. However, the former Pakistan player gave a key piece of advice in this process.

Although Team India did not perform well in the 2022 Asia Cup, Virat Kohli’s return to form has been a boon for Team India. Virat Kohli scored a stunning century against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup. After 1021 days, Virat Kohli scored a century in international cricket. Virat Kohli averaged over 90 in the Asia Cup. Recently, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi gave an advice regarding retirement. It is said that Virat Kohli’s bat runs are raining due to this.

Shahid Afridi’s advice to Virat Kohli

Shahid Afridi has advised Virat Kohli to bid farewell to cricket by performing well without leaving the team. Speaking to Sama TV, Afridi said, ‘The way Virat Kohli has shown his game, he has had to face a lot of difficulties before making a name for himself. He is a champion player. But, the time comes to move towards retirement. But, in such an event, your goal is to say goodbye proudly’, he said.

Shahid Afridi said, ‘You should not be removed from the team. You should do your best and retire. Very few people can make such decisions. This is especially difficult for Asian players. Do you think Virat Kohli will retire proudly?

Will Kohli leave one format?

After the T20 World Cup, there are reports that this veteran player from Team India will take a big decision. According to media reports, discussions with Virat Kohli about opting out of the T20 format have also already started. Virat Kohli himself is also rumored to be contemplating a farewell to the format. Because currently team India is playing a lot of cricket. Virat Kohli’s body is not able to carry the burden of three formats as before. Let’s see what decision Virat Kohli will take.

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