USA Cricket: The team came into the ring with a target of 212 runs.. At one stage the score reached a solid state with 149 runs for 3 wickets in 33.3 overs.

A target of 212 runs in a 50 over match is not a big one. The team scored 149 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. There are enough overs left in hand to make the rest of the runs. But, with a twist, she lost the winning match. Are you wondering what happened.. Coming to it.. This happened in the match of American cricket team against Papua New Guinea on September 12.

212 runs target..

Batting first in this match, Papua New Guinea scored 211 runs for 9 wickets in 50 overs. Batsman Asad Wala, who scored 64 runs, got the only half-century from Papua New Guinea with the bat. There are already huge expectations for the American team in this match. When the team got into the runchase, it started in the same style. As the target was low, the top batsmen easily increased the score board without taking much risk. At one stage the score reached 149 for 3 in 33.3 overs. The match seemed to be completely in America’s grip. But with the shock that followed, the entire match changed.

All out for 36 runs..

It is said that you never know what will happen in cricket. This is what happened in this match. For the next 36 runs, the remaining seven batsmen from America reached the pavilion. America’s middle order has collapsed badly. It became difficult for the team that was expected to win the match comfortably to complete even 50 overs. The American team was all out for 185 runs in 47.2 overs. As a result, the American team lost by 26 runs.

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