Monkeypox: The news is like lightning.. Monkeypox is spreading fast.. Four people in one house are positive!


Tamilnadu: The monkeypox problem is intensifying in the country. Three cases of monkeypox have already been registered in Kerala, and the health department has been alerted across the country. It is in this order that monkeypox has recently created a stir in Tamil Nadu. Local panic started when four members of the same family showed symptoms of monkey pox. Samples were collected from these four and sent to Pune. It is known that whether these four people are infected with monkeypox or not has not been diagnosed. In this order, the authorities are acting vigilantly in the border district of Kerala – Tamil Nadu. In Kanyakumari district, officials are also conducting medical examinations for those who have come from Kerala. Special medical camps have been set up in the border district.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Subramanian has denied the news that four monkeypox cases have been reported in the state. He clarified that not a single monkeypox case has been registered in the state so far. He revealed that if we identify the cases, we will inform the media to inform the public. People are advised not to panic after hearing false news.

Monkeypox is making the people who have been affected by covid wince. Three cases have already been reported in Kerala. Two cases have been reported in the national capital, Delhi. In view of the increasing cases of monkeypox, the central government has issued guidelines to many states. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also alerted many countries to monkey pox. The Center has issued guidelines to the respective states to conduct screening for international passengers. The center advised to be vigilant in areas where airports, ports and international borders are located.

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