Live in Relation: Live in relationship for two years.. Marriage in a week.. Then unexpected groom..

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An acquaintance made on social media led to a live-in relationship. The thoughts and feelings of both of them met and they decided to get married. Convinced at home. But a week after the wedding, the young man died causing a stir. The police, who have registered a case on this incident, started investigating and came to know the sensational facts. Vikas Rajan, who lives in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, completed his MBBS in Ukraine. He was admitted to a hospital in Chennai for practice. After completing the session he moved to Bangalore as he got another job. Admitted to a private hospital. Two years ago, Rajan came in contact with architect Pratibha through social media. As this contact became more intimate the two started a live in relationship. They plan to get married after a few days. They convinced both the families about this. A week ago, Rajan was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. His condition worsened and he went into a coma. He died three days later.

On receiving the information, the police examined the dead body. Rajan’s body was marked with serious injuries and the police registered a suspicious case. But shocking things came to light during their investigation. It was found that Rajan’s fiancee along with her friends assaulted Rajan. His health condition worsened and he was admitted to the hospital. However, Pratibha noticed that Rajan had nude pictures on his Instagram. When Rajan was asked about this, he said that he did this just for fun through a fake account. Pratibha was furious with his answer. Got into a fight with him.

She planned a get together with her friends on the same day. She took Dr. Rajan with her. After drinking alcohol, there were words between them on this matter. Disputes escalated and led to a fight. Pratibha and her friends attack Dr. Rajan with a floor mop. He was seriously injured in this incident. As his condition worsened, Pratibha was rushed to the hospital. Later, Rajan went into a coma and died three days later. The police registered a case and arrested Pratibha along with her three friends Gautam, Sushil and Sunil under various sections.

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