Congress Politics: Elections for the post of Congress Party President are going to be held on October 17. The heat of who will stand and who will win is increasing from now. With Shashi Tharoor’s entry as a man from the south, there is a discussion about how the situation will be from the north. But their competition is like giving a wild card to Rahul Gandhi.

Congress President Election: The presidential election in Congress is in a hurry.. Serious competition between Shashi Tharoor and Gandhi family loyalist.. and Rahul..

Congress President Election

As the election of the Congress president approaches, the rush is increasing in a few parties. With the Gandhis away, the Congress party’s presidential race heated up. New names are being mentioned. In this calculation, the competition for the post of AICC President is inevitable. Congress sources believe that there will be a contest between the two when the process of nominations will begin in four days. One of them is Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the other is senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. It is almost certain that Shashi Tharoor will stand in the Congress party’s presidential race. There is a debate in national politics that Congress president Sonia Gandhi has given green signal to his contest. Shashi Tharoor, who recently wrote an article in a Malayalam magazine calling for elections for the party president’s post and reforms in the party, held talks with Sonia Gandhi. Senior leader Shashi Tharoor met party chief Sonia Gandhi when the nomination process was about to begin.

Blessings madam

Yesterday evening, Tharoor met Sonia Gandhi soon after her return from abroad. As Sonia Gandhi has said that she is not giving preference to any particular candidate, but wants to contest freely and impartially, high-ranking sources claim. Sonia Gandhi said that Tharoor does not need any permission to contest the party elections and it will be done transparently.

At a time when the debate on the presidential election is going on, two issues have gained importance. First of these – the Gandhi family is trying to convince Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as a non-Gandhi candidate for Congress president. Second – Congress units in Rajasthan and other states are passing resolutions demanding that Rahul Gandhi be reinstated as the Congress president.

A person with good leadership qualities..

Gehlot, who openly says he is reluctant to be president, is not as reluctant as he says. Gehlot is a leader with good leadership qualities. He knows that the positions he has got so far are the merit of the Congress party.

Sources close to him say that he is ready to take over the presidency. It also underlines the high opinion of the Congress high command – the Gandhi family – over him. Gehlot worked closely with Rahul Gandhi during the 2017 Gujarat elections. He worked to defeat the ruling BJP in Rajasthan. But now he is not willing to give up his post as Chief Minister. Even in that he is not ready to hand over the post of Chief Minister to his party colleague and rival Sachin Pilot. It seems that the same matter was mentioned with Sonia Gandhi.

Gehlot.. was a good organizer, a person who carried the party along at critical times. He has long association with Congress party. With Tharoor in the fray, Gehlot was also in the fray. But while Tharoor represents G-23 in a way, Congress sources claim that Gehlot represents the Gandhi family. Political sources are analyzing that if both the leaders are in the contest, Rahul Gandhi will be given a wild card in the coming days.

Shashi Tharoor..

Latest smart politician Shashi Tharoor’s name is buzzing in Congress circles. He is good, but Congress leaders are crying. Will you support Shasidharur? What is Shashi Tharoor’s background? Does Sashi have the quality to bring everyone together? Shashi Tharoor’s career began at the United Nations. Worked in UNO offices in Geneva and Singapore. In 2006, he contested the United Nations Secretary General election. He stood in the second place. Shashi Tharoor, who has a good reputation as an educationist, intellectual and strategist, was said to have chosen the Congress party even though he was invited by the Communists and the BJP to enter politics. After 2009, Tharoor contested and won three Lok Sabha elections from Thiruvananthapuram. Worked as Minister of External Affairs during Manmohan Singh’s regime. Later he was also made the Minister of Human Resource Development.

In the past, Shashi Tharoor also strongly demanded the election for the post of Congress party president. He demanded that elections be held for 12 seats in CWC.. He seemed like a smart rebel. Shashi Tharoor is among the G-23 leaders who demanded reform of the Congress party. Shashi Tharoor has been controversial in his personal and marital life. He has three wives. The death of a wife, Sunanda Pushkar, became suspicious. There were accusations in the media that Amen was killed by Shashi Tharu.

And Congress presidential election nomination will start on 24th of this month. Up to 30 nominations will be accepted. If necessary, voting will be held on October 17. The result was announced on October 19.

As a southern man..

Elections for the post of Congress party president are going to be held on October 17. The heat of who will stand and who will win is increasing from now. With Shashi Tharoor entering as a man from the south, there is also a discussion about how the situation will be from the north. Old-timers are reminiscing about the days of Kamarajar in Congress.

Rahul Gandhi in Kerala

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is continuing in Kerala. Rahul Gandhi, who is on a padayatra in Kerala, participated in boating there. Traveled in snake boat organized in Alapula-Punnamada lake. He also paddled for a while. Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal also traveled by boat. After reaching the shore, the trophy was presented to the boat racers.

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