Did you know that under the Motor Vehicle Act if you don’t wear proper clothing while riding or driving.. you have to pay a fine? Let’s learn about such unknown traffic rules that you must follow.

Traffic Rules: Are you wearing sandals and driving a bike.. but fine you.. because..

Not wearing slippers while driving

Many people do not know many things about motor vehicle laws. However.. drivers must follow all traffic rules.. know. This has two advantages. First a safe traffic environment is created. Secondly the police will not issue you a challan. Otherwise, you might get a challan for violating traffic rules. But sometimes they settle only with a fine. Apart from this, in some cases you may have to go to jail. If you want your challan not to fall in such a situation.. then it is mandatory to follow the traffic rules.. not only that you should know about the traffic rules to some extent.

The Indian government is making traffic rules and road safety violations more stringent. For the implementation of the same, the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, several changes were also made in the Vehicle Manufacturing Guidelines. Along with signal jumping rules, simple rules like not wearing seat belt are now imposed heavy penalty by traffic police. However, these are the rules that everyone on the road knows! There are many lesser known traffic rules that you should know.

However, there are some traffic rules that many people don’t know about. They think they know all the rules.. They argue stubbornly. They don’t even know that they are violating traffic rules. Later, when the traffic police caught him, he was found to have violated the traffic rules. Now let’s know some of the traffic rules that we don’t know.

Wearing sandals and riding a two-wheeler.

It is also a rule in the traffic rules not to ride a two-wheeler while wearing sleepers or ‘sandals’. Few people probably know about it. In fact, as per the current traffic rules, two-wheelers cannot be ridden while wearing sleepers or ‘sandals’. It is necessary to wear fully closed shoes while riding a two-wheeler. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to Rs.1000.

Apart from this, it is also mandatory to wear pants, shirt or t-shirt while riding a bike or scooter. Violation of this rule can also be fined. Apart from this, if we talk about general rules.. If helmet is not worn on bike Rs. 1000 will be fined. At the same time, even if there are no documents related to the bike, a fine of thousands of rupees can be imposed. However, some regulations may vary from state to state.

Two driving licences.

If a person is found to have two driving licences, he will have to pay a fine. You can have one of your old driving licenses along with your new driving licence. If you are found to have two licences.. you will be issued a challan for the offense you have committed.

Give way to emergency vehicles..

It is the moral responsibility of every citizen to give passage to any of the emergency service vehicles. But whoever fails to give way to, obstructs or obstructs such vehicle shall be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to a fine of Rs. 10,000 will be fined. Emergency vehicles include fire brigade, ambulance, police vehicle and others.

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