Zomato Delivery Man: People are losing faith that if they order food online these days, the delivery boys will deliver the food silently.

Zomato Delivery Man: Nowadays, people are losing faith that if they order food online, the delivery boys will deliver the food silently. A series of developments taking place in the recent past are provoking this fear in the people. Recently, a delivery boy from Zomato came to deliver food and forcibly kissed the customer. This incident which took place in Yevalewadi, Pune, Maharashtra is now creating a sensation.

The details given by the police regarding this incident are as follows. On the 19th of this month, a young woman placed a food order on Zomato as there was no one at home. The food was brought by a Zomato delivery man (42). After giving her the food, he asked her for some fresh water. So the young lady brought him fresh water. At this time he exchanged words with the young lady. Who is at home? What are you doing? He inquired. Realizing that there was no one at home, the Zomato man asked for another glass of water. With that, the young woman went into the house to fetch water and turned back. Thinking it was the same chance, the Zomato man forcibly grabbed the girl and kissed her on the cheeks. He told the girl that he was like an uncle to cover his act and she could call him for any need. Shocked by his action, the girl immediately sent him out and locked the door. However, when the problem was over, the Zomato man started sending messages to the girl’s WhatsApp again. The young woman understood the seriousness of the situation and immediately approached the police. Zomato has filed a complaint against the delivery man. She filed a complaint stating what happened. Police have registered a case and are investigating.

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